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International Women’s Day 2024 : From Teachers to Presidents- Know the List of India’s First Women

International Women’s Day 2024: Every year, on March 8th, International Women’s Day is celebrated worldwide. This day highlights the contributions of women to society and promotes women’s empowerment. In patriarchal societies, the role of women has significantly expanded. Nowadays, women are shoulder to shoulder with men in almost every field of society. However, Indian history also boasts many remarkable women who have made history in various fields. Apart from becoming teachers and doctors, they have also led the country as presidents. With that, today we have prepared a list of India’s first women, which you can see below :

India’s first female engineer (1919-1979) – Lalita Ayyalusomayajula
India’s first female lawyer (1894) – Cornelia Sorabji
First female Chief Minister in India (1963) – Sucheta Kripalani
India’s first female actress (1914) – Durgabai Kamat
India’s first female barrister (1866-1954) – Cornelia Sorabji
India’s first female fighter pilot (2016) – Bhawana Kanth
India’s first female astronaut (2003) – Kalpana Chawla

India’s first female neurosurgeon (1932-2018) – Tanjavur Santhanakrishnan Kanak
India’s first female airline pilot (1959) – Durba Banerjee
First female Governor in India (1947-1949) – Sarojini Naidu
India’s first female scientist (1912-1988) – Kamala Sohonie
First female IFS officer in India (1949) – Chonira Belliappa Muthamma
India’s first female Defence Minister (2017) – Nirmala Sitharaman
India’s first female entrepreneur (2001) – Kalpana Saroj
India’s first female dentist (1922-2021) – Vimal Sud
First female President of India (2007-2012) – Pratibha Patil

First female president of Congress (1917) – Annie Besant
First female central minister (1947) – Rajkumari Amrita Kaur
India’s first female ruler (1236-1240) – Razia Sultan
First woman to receive the Ashok Chakra (1987) – Neerja Bhanot
First Indian woman to win the Nobel Prize (1979) – Mother Teresa
India’s first female Chief Justice (1991) – Leila Seth
First Indian woman to climb Mount Everest (1984) – Bachendri Pal
First Indian woman to become Miss World (1966) – Reita Faria
First woman to receive the Jnanpith Award (1976) – Ashapurna Devi
India’s first female IPS officer (1972) – Kiran Bedi

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