Ajay Rai countered on OP Rajbhar’s statement- Said- limited only to yellow…

Om Prakash Rajbhar, known for his controversial statements, once again sparked a verbal exchange, this time with Congress state president Ajay Rai. Responding to a question about Rahul Gandhi’s statement, Rajbhar referenced a dialogue from the movie “Sholay” asking Rai, “What will become of you, Kalia?” In response, Ajay Rai swiftly turned the tables.

Rai retorted, highlighting that Om Prakash Rajbhar’s party is merely a family affair, disconnected from the honesty expected by the public, which led to their defeat in elections. He sarcastically remarked that their influence is limited to just a yellow towel. Rai even went on to refer to local BJP leaders as his brothers.

Further, Rai expressed empathy towards the Prime Minister, acknowledging the reduced vote share in elections despite his efforts. He urged Modi to align with his family, implying a disconnect between the government’s policies and public sentiment.

Om Prakash Rajbhar had earlier stirred controversy by suggesting that Priyanka Gandhi should have contested from Varanasi, challenging PM Modi directly. He emphasized that his party was not against such a move and even suggested that she should aim for all 100 seats in the region.

Rajbhar’s remarks didn’t spare Ajay Rai either, questioning his fate akin to the defeated character in “Sholay.” Additionally, he admitted electoral miscalculations in the Ghosi constituency and asserted readiness for upcoming elections.

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