Bajaj Group commits Rs 5,000 Crore for Social Impact Initiatives Under ‘Bajaj Beyond’

Bajaj Beyond : The Bajaj Group committed Rs. 5,000 crore to social impact initiatives over 5 years, with a sharp focus on skill development, under ‘Bajaj Beyond’ the Group’s new identity for all its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and charitable programs. This will benefit over 2 crore of tomorrow’s youth and enable them to take advantage of the employment and entrepreneurial opportunities offered by India’s growing economy.

Embedded Social Responsibility in the Bajaj Family’s Legacy

For generations, social responsibility has been deeply ingrained in the Bajaj Family’s business ethos and philanthropic pursuits. Over the past decade alone, the Bajaj Group has contributed nearly Rs. 4,000 crore towards various CSR endeavors, with a strong focus on education, skill enhancement, healthcare, livelihood, and water conservation, among other developmental areas.

Diverse CSR Endeavors by the Bajaj Group

The Bajaj Group channels its humanitarian efforts through several esteemed institutions such as the Jamnalal Bajaj Foundation, Jankidevi Bajaj Gram Vikas Sanstha, and the Kamalnayan Bajaj Hospital, among others. These organizations tirelessly work towards uplifting and empowering communities, underscoring the Group’s unwavering commitment to fostering a thriving and inclusive future for all Indians.

Key CSR Initiatives by the Bajaj Group

The Group’s flagship programs include the Bajaj Engineering Skills Training (BEST) program, which focuses on enhancing the skills of engineering graduates in cutting-edge technologies relevant to industry 4.0. Additionally, Bajaj Finserv Ltd’s Certificate Program in Banking, Finance, and Insurance (CPBFI) bridges the skilling gap by facilitating employment opportunities in the financial services sector for young graduates from smaller towns and cities.

Visionary Leadership

Top executives of the Bajaj Group, including Shekhar Bajaj, Niraj Bajaj, Rajiv Bajaj, and Sanjiv Bajaj, have expressed their views on these initiatives, highlighting the Group’s commitment to empowering India’s youth and contributing to the nation’s growth story.

About Bajaj Group

Founded 130 years ago by Jamnalal Bajaj, the Bajaj Group has evolved into one of India’s most respected business conglomerates, boasting a diverse portfolio of companies across various sectors. Rooted in Gandhian values, the Group’s CSR activities are guided by a vision of ethical and transparent functioning, as demonstrated by its extensive social investments and partnerships with over 200 NGOs.

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