Blue Star launches a new range of over 100 premium models of air conditioners

Kolkata. Blue Star Limited unveiled its extensive range of room air conditioners for the upcoming summer season, comprising both ‘best-in-class affordable’ and ‘flagship premium’ ranges. The company has launched over 100 models including inverter, fixed speed, and window ACs to cater to the needs of every consumer segment.

Speaking to journalists at a press conference held in Kolkata, B Thiagarajan, Managing Director of Blue Star Limited, said, “The room AC market is at a historic turning point and is poised for rapid growth in the coming years. It is estimated that by 2030, the market will more than double in size. With over 80 years of expertise in the AC industry and a strong presence in the market, this presents a significant opportunity for us. Blue Star continues to invest significantly in research and development, manufacturing, and expanding our product lineup to effectively leverage the growing demand.”

For 2024, the company has launched a new range of air conditioners.

The company has introduced three categories in the inverter split AC segment. These include flagship, premium, and affordable ranges available in 2-star, 3-star, and 5-star variants, with attractive starting prices from INR 29,990, offering different cooling capacities ranging from 0.8 ton to 2.2 tons. The newly launched ACs come with various customer-friendly features.

One innovative feature included is ‘AI Pro’, which is a sophisticated and intuitive algorithm. It incorporates features like ‘Turbo Cool’ for rapid cooling, ‘Convertible 6-in-1 Cooling’ allowing customers to increase or decrease cooling capacity, and Nano Blue Protect Technology along with Hydrophilic ‘Blue Fin’ coating, addressing coil corrosion and ensuring long-lasting operation. Other unique features include a Digital Quality Paint sensor providing precise accuracy and reliability, omnidirectional swing for uniform cooling, precise cooling technology for setting temperature at every 0.5 degrees Celsius, and a PM 2.5 filter with activated carbon for clean air.

All Blue Star inverter ACs are smart-ready and can be upgraded to smart ACs with a separate smart module. An important aspect of Blue Star’s inverter ACs is their extensive operating voltage range, eliminating the need for external voltage stabilizers.

Flagship Range

The company has launched an impressive range of flagship models, including ‘Super Energy-Efficient AC,’ ‘Heavy-Duty AC,’ ‘Smart Wi-Fi AC,’ ‘Hot and Cold AC,’ and ‘AC with Anti-Virus Technology.’ Additionally, it has introduced a special edition AC to commemorate its 80th year. This model is rich in advanced technologies, making it the most advanced air conditioner available in the country.

The ‘Super Energy-Efficient AC’ from Blue Star incorporates dynamic drive technology for achieving higher energy efficiency by providing high air flow volume along with customized cooling. Consequently, a 1-ton inverter split AC achieves an impressive 6.25 ISEER, making it 64% more energy efficient than a 3-star inverter AC.

The company has also introduced a ‘Smart Wi-Fi AC’ which includes unique and smart features like ‘Customized Sleep’ where temperature, fan speed, cooling/fan mode, and switch on/off can be preset for comfortable sleep without any hassle. With voice command technology, customers can operate their AC through their smart devices like Amazon Alexa or Google Home using English or Hindi voice commands.

‘Hot and Cold ACs’ are designed to provide comfort throughout the year. Blue Star has developed a model capable of operating at temperatures as low as -10 degrees Celsius, specifically designed for markets like Srinagar where the environment is extremely cold, and another range capable of operating at temperatures up to -2 degrees Celsius for other parts of the country experiencing significant cold.

80th Anniversary Special Offer

This year marks the completion of 80 years of Blue Star’s establishment. To celebrate this significant milestone, the company has launched several special consumer offers for a limited period. These include a 80-month warranty, EMI starting at INR 80 per day, subsidized installation at INR 680, and various cashback and consumer finance offers on all ACs.

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