NEET Exam Controversy: Demand for CBI Probe into NEET Paper Leak, SC Issues Notice to NTA for Response

NEET Supreme Court Hearing: On Friday (June 14), the Supreme Court heard petitions regarding the alleged NEET exam paper leak and associated irregularities. During the proceedings, the court issued a notice to the National Testing Agency (NTA), responsible for conducting the NEET exam, demanding a response to the plea seeking a CBI investigation. The court also issued notices to those students whose petitions are pending in different high courts regarding the matter. The court emphasized the necessity of hearing from the NTA.

The apex court stated that after the responses are filed, the next hearing on this matter will take place on July 8. During the hearing, the petitioner’s lawyer argued that this case is crucial for the future of 24 lakh students, urging the court to expedite the proceedings. In response, the Supreme Court acknowledged the seriousness of the issue.

The lawyer also mentioned incidents of student suicides. Upon hearing this, the court advised against emotional arguments, emphasizing the need to await the NTA’s response while following legal procedures. It’s noteworthy that the Supreme Court will now hear all pending petitions related to NEET on July 8, making it a crucial date in this case.

Protests in Several Cities Over NEET Paper Leak

Protests against the alleged NEET exam paper leak have been observed in several major cities across the country. Demonstrators at Jantar Mantar in Delhi and outside the Vikas Bhavan in Kolkata protested against the paper leak. A group of students at Jantar Mantar chanted slogans like “24 lakh students demand the exam, not corruption.” They asserted that they worked hard for the exam and now demand fairness in the process. The NEET results were announced on June 4.

Government Denies NEET Paper Leak Allegations

The central government has denied allegations of a NEET paper leak. Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan stated that no concrete evidence of any wrongdoing, corruption, or paper leak in the NEET exam has been found so far. All facts related to this issue are before the Supreme Court and are currently under consideration. Politicizing this issue is inappropriate as it affects the mental peace of students.

The Education Minister further stated that NEET counseling is set to begin soon. Amidst this, turning the paper leak into a political issue is unjustified. Doing so is akin to playing with the future of students. The government has always focused on ensuring a bright future for students.

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