Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan Expresses Displeasure with NTA Over NEET UG Exam

Amid allegations of irregularities in the NEET UG 2024 results, Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan has taken a tough stance against the National Testing Agency (NTA). He expressed his displeasure with the NTA on Sunday, stating that anyone involved in any kind of malpractice will not be spared.

The Education Minister said, “Anyone involved in any wrongdoing in the NEET matter will not be spared. No compromise will be tolerated with the future of the children.” Expressing his displeasure with the NTA, he further stated, “If there is anyone guilty in the NTA, they will not be spared either.”

“NTA Needs Significant Reforms”

Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan said, “Two types of disorder have emerged concerning NEET. Initial information indicated that some students were given grace marks due to a lack of time… Secondly, some irregularities have surfaced in two places. I assure students and parents that the government has taken this matter seriously.”

Regarding the NTA, the Education Minister said, “We have received information and will take all issues to a decisive conclusion. Any senior officials involved will not be spared. The NTA requires significant reforms. The government is concerned about this, and any culprit will receive the harshest punishment.”

It should be noted that more than 2.4 million students appeared for the NEET UG exam this time. The exam has been embroiled in controversy due to several allegations of irregularities. Protests are being held across the country over the alleged malpractices in the NEET-UG exam. Accusations have been made that some students’ scores were inflated, leading to a record 67 candidates achieving top ranks with perfect scores. Additionally, over 1,500 students were given grace marks to compensate for the time lost due to delays at six exam centers, raising further questions.


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