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Exploring 5 Unique Prisons Worldwide: Facilities Where Inmates Purchase Rooms and Families Reside Together

5 Unique Prisons Worldwide: There are several peculiar prisons around the world that will astonish you with their features. These prisons offer all the amenities akin to a five-star hotel to their inmates. Let’s together take a look at 5 unique prisons from around the world.

Know about Unique Prisons

Sark Prison

Situated between England and France, the island of Guernsey houses the world’s smallest prison known as Sark Prison. It’s so tiny that only two prisoners can be accommodated at a time. This prison is used for overnight stays as part of the punishment, and tourists flock from afar to see it.

Cebu Prison

In the Philippines’ Cebu Prison, dancing and singing are common activities. Inmates here are never bored. Filipinos believe that music and dance act as medicine, helping people forget their sorrows and start afresh.

Aranguren Prison

Spain’s Aranjuez Prison is famous worldwide. Here, inmates are allowed to live with their families. The prison has arrangements for children’s schooling and playgrounds. Spain has 32 such prisons where inmates reside with their families.

San Pedro Prison

Bolivia’s San Pedro Prison is perhaps the most renowned prison globally. Inmates have to purchase rooms to live in. The environment resembles that of a small town with markets and shops. Around 1500 prisoners reside here.

Justice Center Leoben

Austria hosts the Justice Center Leoben, a prison no less luxurious than a five-star hotel. It’s entirely covered in glass and inmates live in luxurious rooms equipped with air conditioning, TVs, refrigerators, and all sorts of amenities. In this prison, inmates live lives akin to kings.

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