Grand Theft Auto Game : GTA 6 Set to Create Waves in the Gaming World, Know When It Will Launch

Grand Theft Auto Game: An announcement about Grand Theft Auto 6, or GTA 6, was made last year, followed by the release of a trailer by Rockstar. Since then, the company hasn’t revealed much more about the game. It is believed that this could be the biggest video game launch to date.

GTA 6 will feature many characters similar to GTA 5. For the first time, the game will include a female protagonist named Lucia. This duo is inspired by the famous pair Bonnie and Clyde.

Lots of New Additions In GTA 6, players will be able to explore a larger map than GTA Vice City, featuring state borders, beaches, and many new elements. This state is named Leonida and is heavily inspired by Florida, USA. GTA 6 will also introduce a greater variety of animal species, making the game feel even more realistic for players.

When Will GTA 6 Release? The game will also pay more attention to minor details, with buildings and interiors being more explorable. As for its release date, Rockstar has stated that the game will be launched in 2025. It is expected to be released between September and November 2025.

Initially, GTA 6 is expected to be launched only for PlayStation 5 and Microsoft Xbox, which means that players won’t be able to play the game on PC at the start.

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