PM Modi at G-7 Summit: Italy’s PM Giorgia Meloni Welcomes Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a Special Way, Watch Video

PM Modi at G-7 Summit: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, participating in the G-7 Summit, received a warm welcome from Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni. India is participating in the G-7 Summit as an “Outreach Nation.” Prime Minister Modi arrived in Apulia, Italy, late Thursday (June 13) to participate.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed keenness to engage in meaningful discussions with global leaders at the G-7 Summit on Friday to enhance international cooperation for solving global challenges and building a brighter future. He made these remarks after arriving in Apulia to participate in the ‘Outreach Session’ of the G-7 Summit.

PM Modi Held Meetings with These Leaders

During the G-7 Summit, Prime Minister Modi held meetings with French President Emmanuel Macron, UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Apart from these, Prime Minister Modi will participate in a session organized by Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni focusing on artificial intelligence (AI), energy, Africa, and maritime issues. Pope Francis will also be part of this session. There is also hope for bilateral talks between Pope Francis and Modi.

What Did PM Modi Say Upon Arrival in Italy?

Prime Minister Modi said he was “pleased to make his first official trip of his third term to Italy for the G-7 Summit.” He recalled his previous visits to Italy and the visits of Prime Minister Meloni to India, which have contributed significantly to enhancing bilateral relations.

In a post on the social media platform ‘X,’ the Prime Minister said, “Arrived in Italy to participate in the G-7 Summit. Eager to engage in meaningful discussions with global leaders. Our aim is to collectively address global challenges and enhance international cooperation for a brighter future. I vividly recall my visit to Italy for the G-20 Summit in 2021. Prime Minister Meloni’s two visits to India last year were instrumental in advancing our bilateral agenda. We are committed to strengthening the India-Italy strategic partnership and enhancing cooperation in the Indo-Pacific and maritime domains.”

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