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Golden Blood: The Most Precious Fluid in the World

Golden Blood: Typically, humans have 8 types of blood groups including A, B, AB, and O, divided into positive and negative. But do you know about a blood group that is the rarest of them all, flowing in only 43 individuals worldwide? Each drop of this blood group is more precious than gold. Yes, perhaps very few of you are aware of it.

We’re talking about the Rh Null Blood Group, often referred to as Golden Blood. It’s found in very few individuals due to its rarity, hence the name “Golden Blood.”

This blood can be transfused to individuals with any blood group, making it compatible with ease. It exists only in individuals whose Rh factor is null (Rh-null). According to reports, only nine individuals in the world donate this blood, hence it’s called Golden Blood, being the most valuable blood group globally. While it can be transfused to anyone in need, individuals with this blood group may face various challenges if they require blood themselves.

In Greece, it’s believed that the gods have golden blood flowing in their veins, symbolizing immortality. However, for humans, Golden Blood can prove detrimental. A report published in the National Library of Medicine highlighted that individuals with this blood group are at higher risk of anemia. Sometimes, for security reasons, even if such individuals are identified, their condition is not disclosed.

Why does Golden Blood exist?

Experts attribute it to genetic mutations, passing down from one generation to another. They also suggest that consanguineous marriages might increase the likelihood of having Golden Blood.

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