From NEET to unemployment, Rahul Gandhi targeted the Modi government on more than 20 issues in Parliament

On the sixth day of the parliamentary session on Monday, the House witnessed a significant uproar. During this time, the Leader of the Opposition, Rahul Gandhi, targeted the Modi government and BJP on more than 20 issues, including Hinduism, Agniveer, farmers, Manipur, NEET, unemployment, demonetization, GST, MSP, violence, fear, religion, Ayodhya, Gujarat, Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh, Adani-Ambani, Prime Minister, and the Speaker. Let’s take a look at the 10 key points from Rahul Gandhi’s speech today…

  1. Rahul Gandhi began his speech in the Lok Sabha by saying “Jai Samvidhan” (Hail the Constitution). He mentioned that the country has collectively protected the Constitution. Over the past ten years, the Constitution has been continuously attacked, opposition leaders have been jailed, and the idea of India is under assault. He further added that it is good that BJP members are talking about the Constitution.
  2. Raising the Agnipath issue in Parliament, Rahul Gandhi said that an Agniveer from a small house was martyred in a landmine blast. He referred to him as a martyr, but the government does not. The government calls him Agniveer, and his family will not receive a pension or martyr status. His three sisters were crying together. A regular soldier gets a pension, but an Agniveer is just a laborer. They create a rift between one soldier who will get a pension and one who will not.
  3. Rahul Gandhi said, “Farmers said that if 16 lakh crore rupees of industrialists’ debts can be forgiven, then forgive a little of ours as well. Farmers demanded MSP. What did you say? You said you will not get it.”
  4. In the Lok Sabha, Rahul Gandhi said that the Congress party’s symbol is the fearless pose of Lord Shiva. He also mentioned Lord Shiva in the House. Displaying a photo of Lord Shiva, he said he got inspiration from Shiva to not be afraid. The Speaker interrupted him, to which he asked if he could not show Lord Shiva’s photo in the House.
  5. Rahul Gandhi said, “You have given a package of fear to every person. You have ended employment. Now there is a new trend, NEET. You have turned a professional scheme into a commercial scheme. A poor person cannot go to medical college. The entire exam is made for rich kids. Thousands of crores of rupees are being made, and you have leaked 70 papers in 7 years. There will be no mention of paper leaks or Agniveers in the President’s address. We demanded a day’s discussion, the government said no, it cannot happen.”
  6. Rahul Gandhi said, “The bill made to give compensation to farmers was canceled by them. They brought three laws to scare the farmers. The truth is that these laws were brought for Adani and Ambani.”
  7. Rahul Gandhi said, “You call them all terrorists. This is not a lie, it is the truth. Amit Shah, what kind of statement is this that farmers are terrorists? Rahul said, ‘700 farmers were martyred, we said there should be silence for the farmers, you said these are not farmers, there should be no silence. You called them terrorists.”
  8. Rahul Gandhi said, “In Gujarat, I spoke to textile traders, they said demonetization and GST were brought to help billionaires. Narendra Modi works for billionaires. We will defeat you in Gujarat, mark my words. The India coalition is going to defeat the NDA in Gujarat.”
  9. Rahul said, “For the first time in the history of India, states have been stripped of their status. Jammu and Kashmir-Ladakh have been stripped of statehood. Your plan has set Manipur on fire, drowned it in violence. Till date, PM Modi has not visited Manipur; it seems Manipur is not a state for the PM.”
  10. Rahul Gandhi said to the Speaker, “When I shook hands with you (Om Birla), you stood straight, but when Modi ji shook hands with you, you bowed down.” The Speaker responded, “In my culture and values, I have been taught to bow down to those who are older and to meet those who are younger on equal terms.” Rahul Gandhi said, “The Speaker is the highest, we should all bow down to the Speaker. You are the leader of this House. You should not bow down to anyone.”

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