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Side Effects of Cold Water: If You Drink Too Much Chilled Water, You Are Inviting These Health Issues

Side Effects of Cold Water : During the summer, people often drink cold water to find relief from the heat. Many are fond of drinking extremely chilled water. After coming in from the sun, they open the fridge and drink cold water to quench their thirst. However, did you know that this habit can be harmful to your health? If you also do this, you should be cautious because drinking too much cold water can have negative health effects. Today, through this article, we will tell you about the disadvantages of drinking chilled water.

According to a report from a health website, drinking cold water can disrupt the balance in our body, affecting our digestive system and slowing it down. Let’s discuss the possible health issues caused by this habit:

Digestive Problems

Drinking too much cold water can affect the digestive system. It can cause difficulties in digesting food, leading to issues like constipation, stomach pain, nausea, and bloating. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid drinking too much chilled water.


Drinking excessively cold water can cause brain freeze because the cold water affects sensitive nerves in the spine, which sends immediate messages to the brain, resulting in headaches. It also increases the risk of sinus problems.

Risk of Reduced Heart Rate

Cold water can lower heart rate by affecting the vagus nerve. The lower temperature of the water impacts this nerve, causing a reduction in heart rate, which can lead to heart disease.

Weight Gain

Drinking large amounts of chilled water can hinder fat burning in the body, causing fat to harden and leading to weight gain. Therefore, if you want to avoid obesity, it is better to steer clear of cold water.

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