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Chandrakoop Varanasi : The Unique Well of Kashi that Predicts Death! Unveiling its Mystery

Chandrakoop Varanasi : Kashi, also known as the city of Mahadev, is one of the oldest cities, famous for its temples and ghats. Many temples here are ancient and remarkable, with histories spanning centuries. Kashi is also known as the city of salvation, with the belief that dying here grants liberation. But did you know there is a well in the narrow lanes of this city that is mysterious and predicts death? Yes, indeed! Today, we will tell you how this well predicts death and the mystery surrounding it.

Location of this Unique Well in Kashi

The well we are talking about is named Chandrakoop, located near the Chowk area in Varanasi, within the premises of the Maa Siddheshwari Temple. As you enter the temple complex, this Chandrakoop is situated in the courtyard. It is also mentioned in the Kashi Khand of the Skanda Purana. It is said to be even older than the Ganges. Originally, it was a pond that was later covered and shaped into a well. Today, this pond is known as Chandrakoop, and it is 50 feet deep.

Drinking its Water Dispels Ignorance

The Kashi Khand mentions the significance of Chandreshwar Lingam and Chandrakoop. According to mythology, the moon god (Chandra) established a Shiva Lingam named after himself in Kashi to please Lord Shiva and performed penance for many years. During this penance, he also established the Amritod Kup (Chandrakoop). Drinking its water dispels ignorance.

Pleased with Chandra’s penance, Lord Shiva made the moon god the king of water, seeds, herbs, and Brahmins, and adorned his own forehead with a part of Chandra.

Chandrakoop was Built by the Moon God to Rid Himself of a Curse

It is said that once, the moon god was cursed with decay by his father-in-law. To rid himself of this curse, Chandra established the Chandreshwar Shiva Lingam in Kashi and also built a pond. He performed abhishek (ritual bathing) of the Chandreshwar Shiva Lingam with the water from this pond for 100,000 years and eventually freed himself from the curse.

How this Well Predicts Death

It is believed that if you look into this well and see your reflection, your life is long. However, if no reflection is seen, it indicates that death is certain within the next six months.

It is said that this well was constructed by the moon god himself. According to legend, Chandra built this well to free himself from the curse given by Sage Daksha and established the Chandreshwar Shiva Lingam, where he performed Rudrabhishek (a ritual bath). This 50-foot-deep well is believed to have been built even before the arrival of the Ganges.

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