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World’s Highest ATM: Where Money Seems to Rain from the Sky, You’ll Be Amazed by the Reason

World’s Highest ATM: Most people use ATMs (Automated Teller Machines) to withdraw money, and you can find ATM machines at almost every street corner for convenience. However, today we’re going to tell you about an ATM located amidst beautiful valleys and snow-covered high mountains. Withdrawing money from here feels like it’s raining money from the sky. This ATM is known as one of the highest ATMs in the world. You might be wondering how an ATM functions at such a height, and how people reach there to withdraw money. Let’s explore this fascinating ATM in detail.

World’s Highest ATM: Located at an Altitude of 4,693

Meters As you know, people use ATMs to save time and avoid bank queues, as they help withdraw money quickly. The ATM we’re talking about is situated at an altitude of 4,693 meters at the Khunjerab Pass border between China and Pakistan. This area is covered in snow and is famous among tourists, attracting a large number of visitors from around the world each year. To cater to their needs, the National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) decided to install this ATM.

How the ATM Operates

This ATM was established by NBP (National Bank of Pakistan) in 2016. You might wonder how an ATM operates at such a high altitude amidst snow-covered mountains. To power this ATM, wind energy and solar energy systems are utilized.

Listed in the Guinness Book of World Records

As the highest ATM in the world, it is listed in the Guinness World Records. This cash machine, located on a mountain, attracts many tourists. Withdrawing money from this ATM is an exciting experience for tourists because they have to pass through clouds to reach it, making them feel like they are withdrawing money from the sky.

Security Arrangements for the ATM

There are also robust security arrangements for maintaining this highest ATM in the world. A female officer working in the security team mentioned that it took four months to complete the project of installing the ATM on the mountain. The nearest NBP bank is 87 kilometers away.

40-50 Lakh Rupees Withdrawn Every 15 Days

The officer further mentioned that around 40 to 50 lakh rupees are often withdrawn from this ATM within 15 days. To refill the ATM, bank staff have to face challenges like landslides, bad weather, and high, difficult passes.

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